frequently asked questions


What kind of coffee beans do you use?

Master BLK™ is a proprietary blend of 100% organic French roast coffee beans.

How long do you brew your BLK coffee?

We brew our black cold brew coffee for 1,440 minutes... or 24 hours.

Does Master BLK coffee come in different flavors and/or a sweetened version?

You can have our cold brew in any flavor as long as it's black. And no sweetened versions because you're sweet enough!

Does cold brew need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Please keep Master BLK Cold Brew bottles refrigerated to maintain its freshness.

how does Master BLK tame the bitterness associated with blk coffee?

By immediately brewing our coffee beans after grinding and using only the purest, filtered water (under 30 ppm), Master BLK is able to keep our cold brew strong yet smooth.

I hate the taste of BLK coffee, how'd you make it taste so good?

Master BLK Cold Brew is 100% organic and brewed on a fresh-to-order basis. We keep zero inventory of the finished product. This allows for every sip to be fresh and smooth, without the sour aftertaste normally associated with cold brew coffee.

Where can I find Master BLK coffee?

You can find our Master BLK coffee at most bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and groceries stores. To find the nearest location to you, contact us here.

I own a retail establishment, how can i serve Master BLK coffee?

For wholesale and partnership inquiries, please visit our page here. We cater to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, grocery markets, corporate offices and other establishments.

do you ship?

Yes, we do ship! Please visit our shop to place your order.

What's more delicious: Master BLK Cold brew or nitro cold brew?

It's a coin toss. Try both and let us know your thoughts. We'd love to hear from you :)