What is cold brew coffee?

What's the difference between Cold Brew Coffee and just regular Iced Coffee? While the two caffeinated beverages sound similar, they're actually different, in terms of how it's brewed, how it tastes, and how caffeinated it is. Iced Coffee is simply coffee beans brewed hot and then poured over ice. It is more acidic, which gives coffee its bitter taste. On the other hand and as the name suggests, Cold Brew Coffee isn't brewed with heat but with time. While the vast majority of cold brew coffees are "good enough," Master BLK Cold Brew stands apart from simply "good enough." We take extra measures to ensure that every batch of cold brew coffee exceeds Black Label Keg Brewing Co. standards to offer the smoothest premium organic cold brew coffee on the market. Unlike competitors who brew and store their cold brew in mass quantities, Master BLK Cold Brew is ALWAYS brewed fresh-to-order. It's quite simple really; you order, we brew it and then we ship it!


Master BLK is a proprietary blend of 100% organic French roast coffee beans. We spare no expense to offer you the highest premium quality coffee beans to please even the most discerning palate.


To eliminate the sour/bitter taste often associated with cold brew, we brew immediately after grinding, using the purest, filtered water (under 30ppm). Our unique water system produces a strong yet smooth cold brew.


Steeping is where Master BLK stands apart from others. While our competitors steep for a standard 12 hours, few steep for 16 hours. We steep for a full 24 hours to bring you the boldest and smoothest black coffee, without the bitterness.


Bottling and kegging occurs immediately after brewing and is then preserve/charged with nitrogen. Our glass bottles are 100% recyclable and maintains the freshness of our cold brew coffee for months, ensuring every sip is smooth, strong and sweet. 


master blk Coffee


Master BLK Cold Brew

Master BLK Cold Brew should be a staple in every black coffee lover's refrigerator (and life). Our 100% organic cold brew coffee is brewed fresh-to-order in small batches. This guarantees freshness, aroma and distinctively smooth coffee in every bottle. Our Master BLK Cold Brew is one of smoothest micro-brewed craft coffee you'll experience. It will deliver the best coffee flavor you want with the energy you need in spades...and our bottle will even make you look better.


Master BLK Nitro cold brew

If you had the opportunity to try Master BLK Cold Brew, prepare to have your mind blown AGAIN! Black Label Keg Brewing Co. takes Master BLK Cold Brew to the next level by utilizing our already super smooth cold brew coffee and super-charging it with nitrogen for a minimum of 48 hours. This ensures an ultra rich, creamy texture and taste unlike any other cold brew you have experienced. You can experience proper cold brew coffee without any dairy, sweeteners, additives, or guilt. Our nitro coffee is available at select establishments only. Contact us to find the nearest location to you.