Master BLK Strikes Distribution Deal

As Black Label Keg Brewing Co.'s Master BLK™ Cold Brew becomes a huge success in Orange County, we have begun to gain the attention and fans from all over the nation, particularly the Greater Los Angeles area. In a strategic maneuver, we have made the decision to partner up with Real Soda in Real Bottles to aid in distributing our bottled cold brew coffee to the LA market. Our partnership begins effectively November 8, 2017; contact Real Soda at 310-327-1700 to find the nearest location!


About Real Soda

REAL SODA IN REAL BOTTLES represents a variety of beverages which are in a sense a “bargain” in that they are so much better than those that cost less that they are well worth any extra expenditure. The proliferation of overpriced thimble-can energy drinks and pricy plastic teas only reveals the true value of a Real Soda in a Real Bottle!


About Black Label Keg Brewing Co.

Black Label Keg Brewing Co. (“Master BLK”) is a locally owned coffee roaster based in the beautiful Orange County, CA. Master BLK offers premium organic cold brew coffee. Master BLK Cold Brew is always brewed fresh-to-order, preserved with nitrogen and guarantees to be the smoothest cold brew coffee, without the sour aftertaste normally associated with black coffee.