Chat Around the Office Cold Brew Cooler


Whether you're in school or at work, coffee is a necessity to function everyday and is for some, the first thing they get once they get into the office. In fact, you can pretty much find a coffee dispenser in every break room at any corporate office. So why not give your co-workers and employees the jump-starter they need to be more productive and alert during their 9-5 work days?

We have the perfect cold brew coffee for your staff - Master BLK coffee! While we do offer cases of bottles for your office, which is perfect for on-the-go, nothing compares to drinking cold brew coffee straight from the tap. Charged with nitrogen for that extra rich and creamy texture, Master BLK Nitro Cold Brew is available in kegs and kegerators. No more needing to add unhealthy sweeteners and cream to your coffee; our nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee gives you that creamy, latte-like experience already.

On the other hand, if you do prefer hot coffee, well tough luck! Just kidding, you can actually heat up Master BLK Cold Brew and still will serve its purpose just as it would be chilled. We actually conducted an experiment to see if the taste and texture would be different if our cold brew coffee was heated and the results were shocking. The taste was still smooth and without the bitterness normally associated with black coffee.

Visit our Wholesale page here and fill out the form to order your keg or kegerator with Master BLK Nitro Cold Brew now! Prefer bottles? That's cool too, visit our shop to place an order and receive a FREE bottle opener and a T-shirt.