words from our cold brew master

Once upon a time, before I knew any better, I used to buy iced coffee from a major coffee chain and/or fast food restaurant. I would do this for the convenience, even though waiting in a long line wasn't that very convenient.

Then one day, I came across this cold brew coffee recipe on social media. I was intrigued by the possibility of having a great coffee taste without having to "cook" the coffee. I was excited because I could make coffee for the week, instead of brewing it daily. I eventually fell in love with cold brew coffee due to its flavor and convenience. After experimenting with different blends of coffee berries and various coffee-to-water ratios, I proudly dialed in my recipe.

Fast forward to 2015, I opened a restaurant in Fullerton, California. For those that don't know, running a restaurant smoothly is a very tough and demanding business. It consists of long grueling days. Fortunately, I always had a thermos of my cold brew ready for me whenever I needed it.

Then one day, one of my employees came into work hungover for his shift. He asked me for some of my coffee. Without any hesitation, I poured him a glass and after his first sip, he immediately began coming out of his funk. He told me that he hated black coffee, but he cheered that mine was delicious. His conviction caught the attention of my regulars. They began asking to sample my coffee, keep in mind, not all of them were black coffee drinkers. Those that didn't enjoy black coffee said, "This I can drink," while those that did enjoy black coffee...well, they wouldn't give back my thermos.

Both my customers and employees urged me to put the cold brew on the menu, so I scaled up the recipe, invested in a kettle and a keg, super-charged it with nitrogen and tapped it. It became one of the first nitrogen-infused coffee beverages local to Fullerton.

As things quickly progressed, my customers requested bottles of the cold brew coffee for their mornings. Naturally, I listened to them and began bottling the cold brew. On my days off, I would reach out to other establishments to sample my cold brew. Before I knew it, the coffee was gaining popularity outside of the restaurant, with each batch size increasing with every order.

And that is the story of Master BLK - the smoothest premium organic cold brew coffee! 


Donny G.

It’s not who does it first, it’s who does it best.
— David Bowie